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high-quality vegetable oils from Austria

VFI Ölmühle Ennsdorf

High Efficiency Expeller Press – Certified Organic

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our dedicated employees and our business partners and act sustainably for our future

VFI is a modern family business with long experience in oils and fats. We are a leading producer of organic oils for the food manufacturing industry and supply also tailor made conventional oils and fats for industrial clients as well as packed oils for catering and retail. At our headquarters in Wels, Austria, we run our state of the art refinery and pack the oils. At the Danube port of Enns, Austria, we receive our raw materials and have our seed crushing facility, the “Donaupresswerk Ennsdorf”. Altogether, 190 VFI employees take care of our customers’ needs.

Our skill is making finest oils, both organic and conventional, exactly to our customers’ requirements. We also provide organic protein meal from soy, sunflower and rapeseed for feedmills. Our value chain comprises the procurement of oilseeds, partly from own agriculture, pressing, refining and packing of oils and storage in our fully automatic high rack storage from where the goods are dispatched to our customers just in time. VFI works in close cooperation with customers to develop just the right product for each application.

VFI is investing continuously in process improvement, sustainable production and we take special care for our environment. We are proud of our country Austria, our highly motivated employees and our high quality products.

Our Range of Services

Our range of services high-quality fats and oils for industrial and commercial customers

VFI offers a wide range of oils and fats for all uses in the food industry, and for commercial consumers.

The highest product safety and the best quality of the raw materials are a given.

Our team in research and development is permanently working on innovative solutions for special challenges.

Vegetable fat and vegetable oil for the catering trade

VFI provides the right oil and the best frying fat for every area of application in the catering trade and the hotel trade.

For the classic hotel kitchens, restaurants, pubs, Alpine huts, star-rated restaurants, snack bars, and sausage stands, you will find the optimum product.

Our tried and tested branded products offer the highest quality and provide the highest services in the kitchen.

Branded products for the home

VFI is the most powerful provider of cooking oils and cooking fats in Austria. The strong brands from VFI make us a complete provider for the whole sector of cooking oils and cooking fats for the home.

Apart from local specialities, you can also get olive oils from Italy and Greece, various vinegar specialities and the well known pumpkin seed oil from Pelzmann.

Due to our optimised logistics, traders receive various quality products from one supplier.

Private label & copacking

As an extremely high-performance bottling operation, with a total of 19 different packaging lines, VFI is predestined to manufacture branded products for external clients.

We produce oils and fats as own brands for trade, and branded products for other companies in contract manufacturing. Our customers receive the first-class VFI quality of the products and services, and in turn, VFI can keep the production lines efficient and up to date with the larger quantities.

For decades we have been producing the own brands of many Austrian and international trade customers.