Private Label & Copacking for vegetable fats and vegetable oils

As an extremely high-performance bottling operation with a total of 19 different packaging lines, VFI is predestined to manufacture external brands. Our customers receive the first class VFI quality of products and services, but in turn VFI can keep the production lines efficient and up to date with the larger quantities. For decades, we have been producing the own brands of many Austrian retail customers for the home and the catering trade.

The possibilities for packaging in 100ml to 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, up to 1l glass bottles, in the shapes Marasca, Dorica and Oberland, are particularly diverse. These bottles are particularly well suited for specialities such as peanut oil, thistle oil or organic oils.

PET bottles are available from VFI in the sizes 750ml, 1l, 2l, 5l, and 10l.

For the catering trade, we also use bag-in-box packages for oils, and PP or tin plate buckets from 10l to 20l for frying fats and frying creams.


Copacking for vegetable fats and vegetable oils

VFI also has longstanding experience in contract manufacturing for other food companies. So, articles are produced for a multitude of European markets at the Wels site. VFI is well equipped to manufacture products in the sectors of oils and fats in various sizes and formats. There is the possibility of providing raw materials and packaging materials, or obtaining the whole product from VFI.

We offer this service for conventional and organic oils.