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Organic foods are enjoying increasing popularity with consumers. Many people’s desire for sustainably produced foods, in harmony with nature, has greatly increased the demand for organic foods in the last few years. VFI is certified by the certification body “Austria Bio Garantie”, member of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) and also certified according to Bio Suisse. Strict monitoring of the supply chains and exact documentation of the flow of goods guarantee the highest product safety.

Offering organic foods sets particular tasks for the food trade, the catering trade, and the food industry.

Organic oils for the catering trade:

Organic catering must be 100% organic. Even the less noticeable ingredients must prove their organic origin for the certification. For the catering trade, VFI offers high-quality organic oils and organic frying fat via the well-stocked Austrian wholesale trade. We are happy to provide system customers from other countries with a quote.

Organic Juwel sunflower oil, bag-in-box 10l

Organic Bonella sunflower oil, bag-in-box 10l

Organic Bonella frying fat, 20l bucket

Organic oils for the home:

Distributors of organic product ranges, and retail customers, can have organic products manufactured completely according to their wishes, at VFI Private Label. Long standing experience and the strictest checks make VFI one of the most competent producers of organic oils in Europe. VFI has a wide range of steamed or refined organic oils, and our diverse bottling plants offer brand owners of organic labels a wide range of packaging.

VFI organic oils and fats for the food industry:

For the manufacturers of organic foods, VFI has oils and fats from controlled organic farming in the range. The refinery at VFI is particularly well equipped for organic refinery, and organic oils that are highly stable with a neutral taste. The oils are available in IBC pallet tanks of 600 and 900kg, fats in cartons of 20kg. The following types are always available:

VFI organic Linoleic sunflower oil

VFI organic High Oleic sunflower oil

VFI organic rapeseed oil

VFI organic palm oil

Organic palm oil is produced sustainably and RSPO-certified, Identity Preserved (IP). For further types of special blends, please contact us.

Organic fat mixture for baby food

Organic baby food is a fast growing sector. Consumers place increasing importance on certified organic origin of food. This applies even more for baby food. With VFI organic fat mixtures, baby food manufacturers have the opportunity to produce the highest quality with an extremely reliable system partner. Without exception, VFI blends for baby food comply with the Directive 2006/141/EC on infant formulae and follow-on formulae.