Specific oils and shortenings for food manufacturers

Good food requires good ingredients. VFI offers a wide range of oils and fats for all uses in the food industry, and for commercial consumers. The highest product safety and the best quality for raw materials are a given. Our research and development team is permanently working on innovative solutions for particular challenges.

So we encounter the latest trends in nutrition early on, and offer suitable products. We also develop tailor-made products for special requirements, together with our customers.

VFI is the only manufacturer in Austria to offer AMA-certified rapeseed oil and sunflower oil for commercial consumers. Our range of organic oils and fats for industrial use is continually being expanded.

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Bakery application

Cooking fats for bakeries and confectioners

Bakers and confectioners ensure variation in our diet with their range. The varied range and the demands on the quality of the products require optimum raw materials. VFI is your specialist for bakery fat, and provides confectioners and bakeries with special fats. We fulfil the requirements in a constantly changing market, and support you in your efforts to comply with the requirements of consumers. With our range of bakery fat, we cover a multitude of areas of use. Our fats increase the enjoyment value of your products, by optimising taste, flavour and mouthfeel. In acknowledgement of the various manufacturing processes, we achieve a high level of technical adjustability of the cooking fat.

Bakery fats – areas of use

Shortcrust, piped and yeast raised baked goods contain a high proportion of fat. The cooking fat gives the baked good a loose structure in the crumb. For shortcrust pastry (production of moulded biscuits and imprinted baked goods), a fat which is not too soft to firm, with the required malleable characteristics is ideal. In this way, the formation of fat blobs and oil leaking out during processing is avoided.

For yeast dough, the elasticity of the adhesive structure is improved by adding fat, and in this way, the gas retention capacity, cooking tolerance and the desired baking volume is achieved. For yeast dough, a malleable, soft fat is required.

Madeira cake and sponge cake require a fat with good whipping characteristics. By adding fat, the ingredients are evenly distributed in the dough.

Cream fillings require fats, which can bind a great deal of air. In this way, a light and voluminous mass is produced. Special fats fulfil this requirement, enhance the flavour of the ingredients and increase shelf life with consistent quality.

Bread and bread buns contain little fat, up to 2%. Here, high-quality raw materials are very important for the baking behaviour and the shelf life. Furthermore, the oil in the dough ensures soft crumbs, an appetising shine, appealing volume, and retention of freshness.

VFI range of baking fats

VFI fats for bakeries and confectioners combine excellent mouthfeel with particularly long lasting taste stability and melting curves adjusted to the requirements. Our special fats facilitate the processing procedure with further ingredients, due to homogeneous crystallisation. Due to controlled crystallisation after the baking process, fat bloom formation can also be minimised on chocolate coated biscuits, wafers and cakes. As various processes are used in the production of high-quality baked goods, there are tailor-made products for a multitude of dough’s in the VFI range.

VFI baking fats:

All VFI baking fats in 20kg cartons are homogeneously pre-crystallised for easier processing.

D90 range: unhardened baking fats in various degrees of hardness. Can also be used to bake through and as a frying fat/ deep frying fat.

Helio range: softer baking fats, unhardened, various degrees of hardness available.

Krapfengold: special frying and deep frying fat for fritters, doughnuts and jam doughnuts.

VFI: various vegetable oils including in IBC pallet tanks for use in bakeries. Also in organic quality or from certified Austrian origin (AMA).

Ice cream manufacture

Vegetable fat for ice cream manufacture

Ice cream long ago developed from a seasonal product in the summer months, to a year-round article. The cooling delicacy is a sweet companion all year round. Ice cream on a stick, sundaes, ice cream balls for dessert. Today, there are a multitude of types and presentation forms of ice cream. Manufacturers need optimum raw materials for the production of consistent quality. Innovations are needed to get into the shopping basket of the end consumer.

The most important components in ice cream production are milk, milk components, sugar or sugar substitute, fruits, flavourings and fat. With the exception of water ice and sorbets, fat, milk fat, or vegetable fat is crucial for the structure of the ice cream, the creamy consistency, and melting characteristics.

Fat in ice cream production – areas of use

With special fats from VFI, ice cream gets a particularly delicate melting, and fine, creamy consistency. Certain VFI vegetable fat blends help with the production of “healthier” ice cream. These special VFI fat compositions enable the adjustment of the fatty acid profile in the ice cream. Due to modern manufacturing procedures and adapted emulsifier systems, the percentage of saturated fatty acids can be reduced without loss of flavour. This healthier, and also more cost-effective solution compared to milk fat, has a positive influence on the melting process, whereby a creamier ice cream is produced. Due to special additives in the vegetable fat mixture, the particularly soft and creamy characteristics of soft ice cream can also be achieved.

Chocolate glaze, cocoa glaze or fat glaze – we like to refine ice cream, both visually and in terms of taste. The fat used influences the crunchiness of the glaze, the adherence of the coating to the product, and ensures the delicate melting in the mouth. The optimised fat components prevent crack formation and breaking of the glaze.

Ice cream toppings make sundaes nicer and more appealing, and also taste delicious. VFI has the right fat blends for excellent toppings.

Wafer horns and ice cream wafers remain crunchy when they are impregnated with a very thin, invisible film of fat. This spray fat also helps to fix and stabilise ice cream creations. The ice cream even retains its appetising appearance even after storage and transport.

VFI fats and vegetable oils for ice cream production

The VFI special components for ice cream manufacture fulfil the highest standards.

Meat products

Vegetable oils and vegetable fats for meat products

Vegetable oils and vegetable fats enable the optimisation of sausage and meat products with regards to aspects of healthy diet. Sausages where the high level of animal fats is replaced by healthy vegetable oils, offer a welcome alternative for end consumers. The use of vegetable oils enables new recipes for sausages, with a lower saturated fatty acid level, in terms of nutritional physiology.

Special marinade fats serve as the basis for spice preparations and help the even distribution of herbs and spices in frying and grilling marinades. The visual image and the colours of the marinated meat products are improved by light refraction and shine, and produce “desire” for the product.

Areas of application for vegetable oils and vegetable fats for meat products

Poultry sausages and light sausages with vegetable fat offer optimised fatty acid profiles and can also be produced to kosher and halal quality. Recipe-dependant components such as diced bacon from pork, can be replaced by suitable vegetable fats. We particularly use fats that are similar in the melting behaviour of the mouthfeel to animal fats. Equally, further single origin sausage products made of beef and game can be produced with special vegetable fats.

The market for vegan and vegetarian sausage and meat products is growing constantly. Our range includes specially conceived vegetable oils and vegetable fats for vegan meat replacement products. The VFI fats enhance the taste and ensure a pleasant mouthfeel.

Scalded sausages and cooked sausages obtain a nutritionally optimal fatty acid profile, with the addition of vegetable oils. The taste is also improved by the addition of the right vegetable fats.

VFI fats and oils for meat and sausage products

Sausage is one of the oldest processed foods of mankind, and is an important and popular part of our diet. More than 1,400 sausage varieties require constant innovation and further development from the butchery trade. There is an equal amount of challenges to overcome in the area of vegetarian and vegan meat and sausage production, as in the manufacture of halal-certified and kosher sausages.

Food intolerances and diets cause additional uncertainty amongst consumers. VFI supports you with specially developed vegetable oils and fats, which make production easier for you, and promote the objective of your company. Our experts develop suitable fat recipes, together with customers, in order to achieve exactly the desired nutritional values in the end product.

Spice marinades are important for presentation and sales promotion of fresh meat. Marinade fats from VFI ensure that the spices are kept in suspension, and that there is no separation or clump formation. The marinade adheres to the meat across a wide temperature range and does not melt away. The marinade gives the meat a fresh, appetising shine on the counter, and optimally enhances the spices.

VFI products for meat processors:

Helio range: non-hydrogenated vegetable fats in various levels of hardness, for sausages and pâtés.

VFI marinade fats: for the production of spiced marinades.

Today, dairy products can be enhanced with vegetable fats and oils, on the basis of nutritional and functional reasons. Milk fat and butter fat are completely or partially exchanged or replaced.

Vegetable fats and oils are subject to less variation in quality and availability than animal products. This contributes to product stability and independence with regards to season and time of year.

Dairy products

Vegetable fats and oils for milk products

Today, dairy products can be enhanced with vegetable fats and oils, on the basis of nutritional and functional reasons. Milk fat and butter fat are completely or partially exchanged or replaced.

Vegetable fats and oils are subject to less variation in quality and availability than animal products. This contributes to product stability and independence with regards to season and time of year.

Areas of application of vegetable fats and oils for milk products

Cost reduction and production-related advantages are very often the motives for replacing milk fat and butter fat with vegetable oils or fats, or special mixtures. By changing the recipes, certain desired effects can be achieved in production.

In cheese manufacture, aspects ranging from the stability of the product to the production of special flavours and mouthfeel, are considered. Good spreadability and quick adjustment to room temperature, with optimum taste development are positive effects of adding high-quality fats and oils.

For the redevelopment and production of reduced cholesterol products, it is very important to achieve an improved fatty acid profile. This means that, due to the reduction of milk components on the one hand, and the addition of high-quality vegetable oils and fats on the other hand, dairy products with an increased percentage of valuable, multiple non-hydrogenated fatty acids are produced.

For marinated cream cheese balls, vegetables and antipasti specialities, the oil must remain clear in all situations, and must not become cloudy, even in the fridge. For this reason, it is not recommended to use single origin olive oil. VFI oils have a pleasant, neutral taste, which enhances the flavours of the marinated specialities. In VFI oils they are perfectly preserved and offer an appetising view.

VFI range of vegetable fats and vegetable oils for milk products and marinated goods

With our range of special vegetable fats and vegetable oils for milk processing companies, we can fulfil almost any wish, and are happy to deal with special and new challenges.

For the milk processing industry, VFI offers a range of milk fat replacements, which comply with a multitude of requirements. Our vegetable replacement fats ensure fine flavour, good consistency and perfect processing characteristics. They are suitable for fatty acid optimisation of diet products and price-conscious alternative products. Typical applications are semi-solid sliced cheese, pizza mix, white cheese, vegetable sour cream, vegetable whipped cream, diet butter with optimised fatty acid structure.

VFI special blends for feta, mozzarella, and the yellow pallet:

VFI has replacement fats for various types of cheese in the range, at an optimum quality and price.

VFI: various vegetable oils including in IBC pallet tanks, also at organic quality or from certified Austrian origin (AMA).

ARA and PK range: milk fat replacer with a lauric base for vegetable-based cream and white cheeses. Available in various levels of hardness.

Frying fats and deep-frying fats

Frying fats and deep-frying fats for every requirement

Frying fats and frying oils must be highly heatable and resilient. Fats and oils give our food the typical flavour. As integral components of the end products, deep frying fats and frying fats are selected specifically for the intended use. Depending on surface characteristics, starch and protein content of the frying food, and the temperature when frying, users select the optimum fat or oil. Recipes with or without palm oil, even with reduced saturated fatty acid content, are available. VFI offers extensive consultation, and a standardised range, which will comply with every requirement and demand.

Frying fat and frying oil – examples of use

Fats with a high percentage of saturated fatty acids are very oxidation-resistant, yet are not always seen as optimum in terms of nutritional criteria. Vegetable oils with a high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids can be used for short frying, but are unstable in permanent use, and do not fulfil the requirements for frying oil.

Today, vegetable oils with high monounsaturated oleic acid content are preferred. These vegetable oils are thermally very stable and nutritionally advantageous.

High Oleic sunflower oil and High Oleic rapeseed oil fulfil this requirement, are very stable and taste neutral during frying. High Oleic oils also allow recipes without tropical oils such as palm oil. High Oleic sunflower oil is declared as sunflower oil on the finished product, which triggers positive associations for the consumer. High Oleic sunflower oil and HO rapeseed oil are the oils of choice for potato crisps. Equally, these oils are perfectly suited to the industrial manufacture of deep frozen chicken nuggets, fish fingers, baked squid rings, baked Camembert or Emmental. No unsightly fat deposits form on the deep frozen foods, like with tropical hard fats.

In the production of doughnuts, the production process demands a certain percentage of saturated fatty acids, so that crystallised or icing sugar, or even the glaze sticks to the baked-through product. Selected blends of various non-hydrogenated fats make doughnuts particularly fluffy.

VFI frying fats and oils

VFI is a leading manufacturer of High Oleic sunflower oil, the preferred oil for frying potato crisps. HO sunflower oil offers excellent oxidation stability, excellent taste, and a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids. The raw material supplier is the European sunflower.

As a new development, VFI also has HO rape seed oil in the range. HO rapeseed stands out due to the extremely low linoleic acid content (18–3), as well as the high content of oleic acid. So, HO rapeseed becomes an excellent frying oil for health-conscious, high-performance uses in the snack industry.

Apart from our range of various frying fats and frying oils that have been established for decades, we also offer the processing of individual solutions for every requirement. Our experts are continually developing special fat blends for special uses. We supervise customers individually, and support them in cost reduction and quality improvement of the end products.

We look forward to hearing from you.

VFI frying oils for industrial use

VFI HO sunflower oil

VFI HO rapeseed oil

VFI D90I56 frying oil based on palm oil, certified by RSPO MB or SG if required

VFI high-performance frying blends with antioxidants – individual solutions with users

VFI Krapfengold – especially for doughnuts and jam doughnuts

VFI organic frying oils


Vegetable fats for the confectionery industry

The confectionery industry is amongst the most innovative sectors of the food industry. Vegetable fats are a quality-defining part of most products. The continually growing number of new articles requires specific knowledge from suppliers, to ensure fluid production processes, good plant efficiency and cost-optimised recipes for the confectionery producers. The melting behaviour, the type and speed of crystallisation and the whipping characteristics of the fats are important factors. For an enjoyable experience, apart from the consistency, the aroma release of the fat used is important. The fats used must neither leak oil, nor must fat migration take place in the finished product. There is an optimised product in the VFI range for almost every use.

Example uses of vegetable fats and vegetable oils for the confectionery industry

Hazelnut cream and cocoa spread set particular requirements for the fat used. The product should be stable over a wide temperature range, not too hard at a cool temperature, yet not too liquid in a warm environment. Only an optimised cream fat, combined with modern production technology ensures a good result. VFI offers manufacturers a system made up of process consultation, and components perfectly adapted to the processes.

Filling creams for wafers and sandwich biscuits require a delicately melting, but fast crystallising fat. Here, good whipping ability and long lasting stability, as well as flavour release are crucial. For chocolate fillings, it must be ensured that no fat migration takes place from the filler through the chocolate shell, to avoid unsightly fat bloom formation. VFI experts have a great deal of experience, and recommend the suitable product for your specific production process. We are also happy to support you on site, to optimise the processes and recipes.

Fat glazes for baked goods and ice cream. When used as fat glazes, vegetable fats as a glaze or coating have a particular task to fulfil. Stability, shine, mouthfeel, and flavour release must be coordinated precisely. VFI has the right fats in the range. The desired characteristics can be adjusted flexibly to the relevant products, vegetable fat compounds are significantly cheaper compared to chocolate, and are much easier to process because no tempering is required. Therefore, they are often used for price sensitive products.

With our experience, we can advise you with regards to optimisation of production processes, cost efficiency, availability, and product optimisation, and support you in a partner-like way, as a supplier. We would be happy to develop joint solutions together with you.

VFI vegetable fats and vegetable oils for the confectionery industry

Kremax range for wafer filling, sandwich biscuits, chocolate fillings

ARA and PK range for glazes and coatings

Kremnut range for chocolate and hazelnut spreads

Baking fats for biscuits and wafers

Infant Nutrition

Vegetable fats and oils for baby food

Vegetable fats and oils for baby food require particular care in the raw material acquisition and production. Our value chain built up over decades, which reaches from growing and checking the seeds, to optimum selection, right up to processing the desired components, guarantees security and product stability.

In collaboration with leading experts, we have succeeded in developing optimised fat mixtures for infant formula and baby supplementary food.

The best food for babies is breast milk. However, in some cases, complete nutrition with breast milk is not possible, and at the age of 6 to 12 months, it becomes impossible for many parents to provide their baby with breast milk. With extensive research, the baby food industry has developed products which come very close to the quality of breast milk.

Here, the right fatty acid composition, which has to be adapted to the metabolism of the baby, is crucial.

Examples of use of vegetable fats and oils for baby food

In the manufacture of milk powder for baby bottles, exact specifications must be fulfilled. Nutritional specialists develop the composition to be achieved, which we could fulfil with a standardised product, or develop an appropriate product.

The origin of the raw materials plays a big role here, as parents only want the best for their babies.

For baby puree and baby supplementary food, specific high-quality fats and oils are used. Cold-pressed oils are not recommended in the first year, as these are not refined. Vegetable oils with high-quality fatty acids are needed. For baby puree and baby supplementary food, preferably rape seed oil, soya oil, sunflower oil or maize germ oil are needed.

VFI fats and oils for baby food

Without exception, VFI blends for baby food comply with the Directive 2006/141/EC on infant formulae and follow-on formulae.

Freshness is quality! VFI is in a position to supply fat mixtures just in time, in close cooperation with the customers. Small batches in production and state-of-the-art storage logistics are our investments in the quality of your finished products. We are in a position to coordinate our delivery logistics with your production plans.

Organic fat mixture for organic baby food is a fast growing product sector. Consumers place increasing importance on certified organic origin of food. This applies even more for baby food. With VFI organic fat mixtures, baby food manufacturers have the opportunity to produce the highest quality with an extremely reliable system partner.

VFI is certified by the Austria Bio Garantie, member of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements). Strict monitoring of the supply chains and exact documentation of the flow of goods guarantee the highest product safety.

Non-Food Area

Vegetable fats and oils for the non-food sector

High-quality fats and vegetable oils are also used outside of the food industry. VFI stands for a large variety of raw materials, and an even greater number of possible oil and fat mixtures. We put together exactly the right composition for customers, to achieve the desired characteristics. You receive targeted consultation, and suggestions compiled by our experts, for your area of application. We support you in the achievement of your targets, and are happy to take innovative and new paths with you.

Examples of use for vegetable fats and oils for the non-food area

Food-safe vegetable-based lubricants with a high oleic acid content guarantee the optimum functionality of machines and production units. Vegetable-based, food safe lubricants are indispensable, wherever lubrication is included in the food chain or even in the environment. Biogenic gliding agents and lubricants are prescribed or at least recommended for all of these uses. Together with our customers from the lubricants industry, we provide components adapted precisely to their needs.

The targeted and coordinated use of separating fat requires knowledge of the desired temperature ranges. In this way, raw materials can be used in a cost-effective way. We offer both standardised products for this area, or develop tailor-made solutions for your requirements together.

For the cosmetic industry, we offer a selection of special components. Vegetable fats and oils for decorative cosmetics, care products and soaps, are adapted precisely to your needs, in our in-house laboratory. Manufacturers of high-quality body care products, and producers of organic soaps will find suitable raw materials with us.

For the production of washing powder, VFI offers the raw materials for vegetable-based tensides. On the basis of VFI quality, a high colour stability at high washing temperatures can be achieved.

In the production of candles, apart from the traditional bees wax, vegetable-based stearine is also used. The desired fire behaviour and the burning duration of the candles is significantly influenced by the use of high quality raw materials.

Paints and varnishes require specially prepared components, which enable excellent processing, and a long life span. As a raw material supplier, we develop the desired product, on the basis of your specifications.

For the feedstuffs industry, we offer prepared edible oil fatty acids, and press cakes of various oil plants for feed purposes. Both certified organic oil cakes and conventional oil cakes can be supplied.

VFI vegetable fats and oils for the non-food area